Sunday worship

    Harderwyk Ministries is a unique church with three distinct worshiping communities serving one God. We invite you to worship with us in ways that are comfortable and meaningful to you. 

    • Celebration

      9:00 am |  Sanctuary

      More Than Any One Of Us

      Romans 12:3–19

      Architects produce blueprints for the construction of buildings. When Jesus rose from the dead, He and the Father gave the Holy Spirit who would gather, equip and lead the redeemed people of God in mission. It is an entirely different vision of what it means to be a “church.” Understanding, identifying and living in light of our “Grace-Given Gifts” is central to living out that different vision.

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    • Watershed

      9:45 am | Anchor Gym

      Spiritual Gifts

      Romans 12:3-8

      God in grace gives us gifts of talents, passions, abilities, personality, and wisdom through our experiences. What are these meant for in our lives and in this world? What are their purposes? Do I really have something to contribute? Join us this week as we explore the truth that God has given each of us good gifts that are intended for His purposes in the church and in this world.

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    • Fusion

      10:30 am | Great Room

      Believe: Gifts

      Romans 12: 3-8

      Join us on Sunday as we continue our "Believe" sermon series this winter considering the Core Practices of Jesus. This week we will consider the ways the Holy Spirit uniquely equips each believer for God's good purposes in Christ's church and the world. We will look at one of the more powerful images in scripture that helps us understand the church found in Romans 12 - the body of Christ. Our prayer is for each of us to discover and then live faithfully into our own God created uniqueness. Join us this Sunday at 10:30 am. 

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