Sunday worship

    Harderwyk Ministries is a unique church with three distinct worshiping communities serving one God. We invite you to worship with us in ways that are comfortable and meaningful to you.

    • Celebration

      9:00 am

      Red Brick Church Building Sanctuary

      This Changes Everything

      Growing From What We Believe

      John 20:24-31, 21:24-25

      John writes his gospel to make sure that people like you and me are not so consumed with LIFE that we end up missing LIFE. They are different, you know.

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    • Watershed

      9:45 am
      Anchor Building - Gym

      This Changes Everything

      A Bigger Identity

      John 15:1-17

      John's Gospel points beyond the things that we can see and touch to a deeper spiritual reality that changes everything about how we live. Two intertwined truths come to a head in John 15: 1) Jesus is more than a man but is God in human flesh, the Word who made his dwelling among us; 2) our very lives are completely and utterly transformed by the mystery of being united with Christ. The result of union with Christ is love for one another. 

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    • Fusion

      10:30 am

      Red Brick Church Building - Great Room

      This Changes Everything

      Belief that Brings Life

      John 20: 30-31

      This week we continue in our mini-series within "The Story" called "This Changes Everything" that is our exploration of the life and ministry of Jesus. Each week we will look at one of the four gospel accounts before we look more specifically at the last week of Jesus life. This Sunday we turn our attention to the Gospel according to John and his emphasis on Jesus' divinity and the belief that leads to life. We will explore this emphasis through the lens of his summary of purpose in chapter 20 as we consider the rest of John's Gospel.

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