Sunday worship

    Harderwyk Ministries is a unique church with three distinct worshiping communities serving one God. We invite you to worship with us in ways that are comfortable and meaningful to you. 

    • Celebration

      9:00 am |  Sanctuary

      The PROBLEM and Our problems

      Romans 5:15-19

      Our world seems to be drowning in problems and solutions right now, few of which appear to be bringing healing or resolution. Is there hope in this morass, or are we left to our own wits and devices to attempt a life of love, security and joy?

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    • Watershed

      9:45 am | Anchor Gym


      Ephesians 2:8-9

      How do I have a right relationship with God? This question has layers to it, doesn’t it. To have a “right” relationship means that maybe something isn’t so right with God to begin with. To then ask, how do I have a right “relationship,” means I may want something different than what has been or is currently in my standing with God.

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    • Fusion

      10:30 am | Great Room

      Born Again

      John 3: 1-21

      Join us this week as we continue in our focus for the Fall around what it means to "Think Like Jesus." Sunday, we turn to the important topic of salvation and consider one of the most beloved passages of scripture, John 3:16. We will explore the context into which these famous words were taught to help us better understand what it means to believe in and walk with Jesus. Our hope is to catch a fuller vision of what it means to receive salvation in Jesus Christ.

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