Would you like to watch our services on your smart TV?

We have set up four separate "channels" that can be easily searched for or subscribed to:

1) Harderwyk Ministries - This is a general collection of Worship Service livestreams from all three campuses as well as "all-Harderwyk" videos, like our recent "Summer Serve Week."

Each campus - Celebration, Watershed & Fusion - have their own dedicated channel with only their Worship Service livestreams and any other campus specific videos.

2) Celebration-Harderwyk

3) Watershed-Harderwyk

4) Fusion-Harderwyk

You can search for any of these four on your YouTube page or on a general search service like Google or Bing.  Type in the channel you want - please note the format of "Campus Name, Hyphen with no spaces, Harderwyk" - and it should direct you right to the channel you want.  Look for the "Subscribe" button, and your YouTube page will set up a folder and automatically receive every new addition to the channel.

Here are direct links to each channel.

CLICK HERE for Harderwyk Ministries

CLICK HERE for Celebration-Harderwyk

CLICK HERE for Watershed-Harderwyk

CLICK HERE for Fusion-Harderwyk

We will continue to have links on Harderwyk.com to our Sunday livestreams and an archive of previous worship services, but we are glad to add this additional accessibility by way of YouTube.