2022 Mission trip - ireland

Download the Ireland Application, return the completed application with a $200 deposit to hold your spot before May 25. Questions? Contact Dee Stahl

Ireland Trip: Serve and Learn
September 30 - October 8

  • Come serve alongside Irish Christians in a variety of compassionate programs from creating care packages for needy new mothers, to getting our hands dirty in the building remodel happening at the local church—to name just a few options. 
  • Come and learn about Christianity in an ever increasing secularized Ireland; through workshops, site visits and guided discussions we’ll learn together raising our cultural awareness and gaining helpful insights that will inform our own American Christian experience. 
  • Come have fun. We’ll enjoy the Irish landscapes with trips to desired sites, we’ll have time to shop in the bustling city of Dublin and check out the landmarks, and people can choose their own activities they desire to explore. We will make arrangements as best we can. 
  • Come and encourage brothers and sisters in Ireland in our shared faith in Jesus. 

Ireland Application