Hockey Stick Explanation

Harderwyk Ministries each year in November and December navigates what it affectionally calls the financial hockey stick. The hockey stick image captures the fact that on average we receive 24% of our financial gifts during the last eight-weeks of the year. We are deeply grateful for every gift. Harderwyk Ministries is not unusual in this regard, approximately 1/3 of non-profit organizations in the United States receive 31% of their contributions in December, with 12% of the contributions received during the last three days of the month.

Thank you for your support and I invite you to prayerfully consider a year end gift out of gratitude for the ways in which God is using Harderwyk Ministries to encourage everyone to join the journey in being found in, formed by, and following Christ.

For more information on contributing, please go to or contact Norlyn Compaan.