Invitation Discussion Questions & Suggested Spiritual Practices
Episode #1

1. Is it helpful or confusing to think of God inviting you into a relationship?

2. Does the Spirit of God speak to you? If yes, how? Is this a biblical idea? Do you know of any Scriptures that specifically speak to God speaking to your inner heart?

3. How does our society make it especially hard to be quiet and listen to God? Is this quiet rest in God something that is encouraged in your specific community, your group of friends, your family? Is it an idea that would make sense in your church?

4. Are there ways that your Christian community has placed unhealthy expectations on you?

5. Do you agree that “hurry is the greatest enemy of spiritual life in our day?” Is Carl Jung correct that “hurry is not of the devil. Hurry is the devil?”

6. How can you help each other “ruthlessly eliminate hurry” from your lives?

7. Take some time to practice silence together as a group. Agree on a safe amount of time, two minutes…five minutes? You might want to begin and end with a reading of Matthew 11:28-30. Then sit quietly together listening to and responding to the Spirit’s invitation. When you finish, take turns sharing on your experiences with silence. What was helpful and good? What was frustrating? What do you sense the Spirit inviting you to?