Our Prayer Shawl Ministry meets the first Tuesdays,
at 7 pm in the prayer room!  

Over 26 shawls have been made and delivered to people in our congregation who...

  • are receiving cancer treatment
  • have a chronic illness or disease.
  • are on bedrest
  • are homebound
  • have lost a loved one
  • and more...

How do I participate?

  • Make a shawl for someone from our list of people for whom our church is praying regularly.
  • Make a shawl for someone you know personally and are praying for (they don't have to be from Harderwyk).
  • Make a shawl for our shawl collection, so that caregivers from Harderwyk can give shawls to people as needs arise.

What if I don’t know how to knit?

We have people who would love to teach you how! You can also crochet prayer shawls!

Can I just knit on my own?

  • Certainly!  But you are also invited to come to the Prayer Room on the first Mondays of the month.
  • When we meet, we will work on our shawls, and pray together for those for whom we are knitting. We will also bind with a ribbon and tag with a note the finished shawls to send along to the recipients, or to place in our collection.

For more information see our Prayer Shawl Brochure

Questions? Contact Marga Hoort