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  • Zac Backstrom

    Watershed Worship Leader

  • Samantha Baumann

    Watershed Nursery Coordinator

  • Lori Baumann

    Watershed Children's Ministry Coordinator, Preschool - 5th Grade

  • Jane Bosko

    Celebration Organist

  • Norlyn Compaan

    Facilities Administrator

  • Kelvin DeKraker

    Food Service Coordinator

  • Mary Dewitt

    Congregational Care Pastor

  • Nate Dewitt

    Youth Coordinator

  • Mark DeVries

    Anchor Chaplain

  • Tad Evenhouse

    Facilities Assistant

  • Darwin Glassford

    Executive Pastor

  • Gary Hoort

    Technical Coordinator

  • April Kiekintveld

    Fusion Operations Coordinator, Women's Ministry Coordinator, Fusion Children's Ministry Coordinator

  • Bill Lindner

    Celebration Teaching Pastor

  • Christine MacDonald

    Discipleship Administrative Associate

  • Dee Stahl

    Administrative Associate, Missions, Watershed Operations Coordinator

  • Carrie Steenwyk

    Celebration Children's Ministry Coordinator

  • Sarah Stryd

    Fusion Worship Pastor

  • Aaron VanDerVeen

    Watershed Interim Pastor