Harderwyk Ministries
United in Mission, Diverse in Expression

Vision Statement

Reaching the Lakeshore and beyond with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by forming disciples and equipping leaders. 

Mission Statement
Harderwyk Ministries is a congregation affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church in North America and is committed to sowing seeds of faith, growing the faith that has taken root, and going wherever Christ leads us to be ambassadors of His kingdom.
To sow seeds of faith...among anyone and everyone...no matter their circumstance, regardless of cultures, sub-cultures, families or groups, proclaiming by word, life and deed the Good News of our God.
Grow the faith that has taken root...joining together to nurture what God has planted...encouraging each other in love to become the people God has called us to be, building up the community in faith to be equipped to serve God in the world, sharing life together, demonstrating that our God is a God of community and relationships.
Go wherever Christ leads us to be ambassadors of His kingdom...everywhere and all the time...We are called to "Live Christ," through our words and deeds, across the street, down the block, throughout the nation and the world, in our homes and schools, in places we work and places we play, each of us and all of us will do our best to represent Christ's reign on earth.


: We are committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught in the Scriptures and summarized in the Ecumenical Creeds and the Reformed Confessions. 

Connected: We are committed to connecting people to life-giving relationships through worship, discipleship, community life and service. 
Multiplying: We are committed to hearing God's call to create new entry points into Harderwyk Ministries. We will accomplish this through developing new leaders and employing creative methods to reach people with the Gospel.